GO2SLEEP is an advanced wearable sleep tracking device with heart rate & blood oxygen (SpO2) monitoring. It provides comprehensive sleep feedback, helps better understand your sleep and give tips to improve.


Sleep Quality

Sleep Quality

Apnea Screening

Apnea Screening

Heart Rate/Blood Oxygen

Heart Rate / Blood Oxygen

Integrated Report

Integrated Report

Report Export

Report / CSV Exportation



GO2SLEEP is like a sleep lab in your hand, it helps you better understand your body and improve your sleep with daily feedback.
Different from smart bands,
Go2sleep Home Sleep Testing detects real-time data.

Ultimate multi-platform support

It can easily import your CSV sleep data, generate minute detail charts, and support image output, so that you can print data easily.

SLEEPON View will support both MAC and Windows systems: Windows: Win32 and Win64 bit systems, support Windows 7 and above systems. Mac: OS X 10.8 and above

AHI Screening and Low Blood Oxygen Alert

Whenever apnea is detected during your sleep, the vibration will alert you to increase the chance of you unconsciously changing your sleep position, diminishing the probability of sleep apnea.

You and your loved ones all in the APP

Synchronize your GO2sleep device with the APP via Bluetooth, search your family member by their ID and set them as a family so you can track all the key data of yourself and your loved ones, whenever they are.

Discover what impact your sleep quality

SLEEPON app's unique labeling function helps you record and analyze reasons for poor sleep and it will also provide you specific advice to improve sleep quality.

A Comprehensive Report

You can check the sleep quality at any time through SLEEPON APP. The report includes heart rate, blood oxygen, AHI, toss and turn, sleep debt etc. The most attractive feature is customized sleep advice based on data collected.

More Features

The SLEEPON app will be updated frequently. We are dedicated to develop more useful functions to give you the best experience.
  • New Functions : Search for my ring, Smart Alarm, Low blood oxygen Alert.
  • Smart Alarm : Wake you up when you are in light sleep.
  • Low Blood Oxygen Alert: It will vibrate to alert when your blood oxygen level is too low.


GO2SLEEP HST has the international advanced hardware, which uses 660nm and 940nm dual-wavelength reflective PPG sensors to detect finger arterial capillaries. The sample frequency is 50 Hz, calibration ranges from SPO2 70-100%.

24-hour Battery life

24-hour data detection (about 3 nights)


IP67 class waterproof

Data storage

sleep data can be stored for 24 hours
* Battery life is laboratory data. Data may vary due to changes in the actual environment and other factors. If you use it for more than 8 hours per day and turn on the low-SPO2 alert function, the battery life will be shorter.

Magnetic Charger

A simple and easy way to charge your ring with a magnetic charging base.

3 Silicone Ring Sizes

There are three silicone rings in different sizes coming with the device, and you can always find the suitable one.

In Compliance With International Standards

The charger is strictly tested and is in compliance with international safety standards.

Food-Grade Silicon

The silicon ring is made of food-grade silicon. It’s soft, comfortable and it will not cause allergic effects.

Fast shipping

All orders ship within 4-5 business days

30-day returns

We accept returns and exchanges for up to 30 days

1-year warranty

The warranty period is 1 year from the date of purchase

Secure payment

We provide secure online payments

Better sleep, better life.


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